Sunday, September 30, 2007


Well, everyone has a blog nowadays, don't they? I am not much of a writer or a ponderer, though, so I thought I will make this about what I know best - making things! ;) I have made a lot of things - beautiful, less beautiful, downright ugly! :D Some of which I am proud and some of which could best be forgotten. Oh well, you live, you learn. Anyway, I have decided on posting some of my 'creations' here and whenever I make a new one, then also update. The sad thing is that I have never taken photos of the creating process and hence there are no good 'this is how you do it' photos, but I promise I will get better at it. So far I have done all sorts of things to make my fantasies of a more beautiful, my kind of perfect world come to life. I have made clothes, jewelry, painted, decorated, cooked, done computer graphic design, altered things I have bought, even made some things I have sold. Basically, if it was my doing I would create everything around me to suit my taste - build my own house, do my own landscaping around it, decorate it with furniture I have made myself, wear clothes I sew, jewelry I make etc. Needless to say that kind of fantasy is unlikely to come to life, but one has to start somewhere. So, I start here. Hope you enjoy. ;)

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